We have a brand new project room!

In a narrowing environment for political space, the museum of capitalism nevertheless announces the opening of it’s first project room. Upcoming Friday, on July 15th, we invite everyone to join the event: neighbours, local groups & initiatives and all people interested in getting to know us.

The project room serves as our new base for future exhibitions, for the work in the field of political education and actions. At 4pm we will start into the afternoon with a few of our exhibits, some tasty snacks and drinks. There will also be a freebox, we will spread your thoughts through the neighbourhood and if you like, you can print them on (your) shirts or bags.

At 8pm there'll be a reading of political texts and after that, we want to celebrate with you!

So from now on with a new address, you'll find us in Mengerzeile 14, in 12435 Berlin. And here our Opening on Facebook: Project Room Opening

We are looking forward to getting to know each other!