Spring, Sun, Capitalism

Spring, Sun, Capitalism

The museum-group is working on the next exhibition. We will cover new topics and revise the existing content. Apart from this, everything remains the same: Free of charge, multilingual, interactive, accessible. Explanatory and participative, challenging and dreamy.

In the last weeks, we dedicated our energy to a complete re-organization of the existing exhibition, had an intense working weekend in the periphery of Berlin, worked on the new topics. We got many things done and gained new members, met with the „museum of colours“ and were having a radio feature with FluxFM.

Apart from the work on the exhibits, the search for a room has a top priority now. We still lack an affordable exhibition space. Temporary spaces are possible, long-term options are preferred.

If you know something, don't hesitate to contact us at kontakt@museumdeskapitalismus.de
We're still an open project group. If you feel like supporting our work in political education, just write an email.

We look foreward to the summer.