MDK Academy #17 – The planetary destruction

The planetary destruction.
– On the relationship between capital and ecological disaster.


Wednesday, October 2nd | 7pm

In a reading workshop, we want to discuss to what extent the destruction of the earth is a necessary consequence of capitalism. As a basis for discussion serves us the text in German: „Zu effizient für diese Welt““Too efficient for this world" by Tomasz Konicz. The text shows that a sustainable way of life is not possible in capitalism.

"An attempt to introduce a resource-saving mode of production in the capitalist economy is, in fact, impossible – it would amount to capital destruction. A sustainable way of life is conceivable only beyond capital."

In the workshop, the text will be explored and discussed in a joint reading. Participation is free! The workshop is in German, the room is barrier-free. See all the latest information on Facebook .