MRX Machine
Reading & Discussion

Friday | June, 14th | 7pm

In the postmodern world of contemporary neo-liberal capitalism, all differences, all identities have become fluid and have become the consumable surfaces of a self-optimized staging. Any resistance fails due to the lack of resistance of these surfaces, which absorb everything that goes against them. This is where the MRX Machine comes in. It mobilizes the paradoxes of the system. It stirs up the paradoxes of sabotage, denial and appeals to the solidarity of all those who see their class disappearing in the future. The call to destroy one's own class, as it were, invites the destruction of capitalism itself.

Through sabotage, tails, strikes, desertification, blockage and refusal of categories, the MRX Machine stutters the capital machine. With the MRX Machine, a FUCK UP FORCE is mobilizing against capitalism. The MRX Machine forms the solidarity of a collective practice. Or she drives loud and relish against the wall.

With Luise Meier we will discuss how the MRX Machine brings the longed-for revolution, how the MRX Machine dissolves the proletariat and not only blocks but suspends capitalism.

All information also on Facebook. The event is in GER, the room is barrier-poor. Admission is free!