MDK Academy Special – Gender in Public Space

Gender in Public Space - Where are the women* in Hannah Arendt's "Vita Activa"?

Wednesday | April, 10th | 7pm

Hannah Arendt senses in "Vita Activa" the disappearance of the political. The sphere of the political is determined for her by speaking and acting. She begins her analysis with the ancient Greek city-states. There it was the free citizens who filled this space. And the women*?

Hannah Arendt does not comment on the woman* question. Why? And what does that mean for us women* today? Can we as women* get involved in the political sphere, or does that have nothing to do with being a woman*? Hannah Arendt would probably say that's exactly how it is!

We invite you to a discussion under the question: Why does Hannah Arendt doesn’t ascribe importance to being a woman* in the political sphere? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a position?

As a preparation, we recommend to all, who haven't read Vita Activa, the following text (in German).

Discussion in German, room barrier-poor. Free admission! And here you can catch up all the news on Facebook.