Together against injustice - Feminist forces bundling with SGU

Together against injustice - Feminist forces Bundling with SGU
Conversation & interaction

Wednesday | March, 20th | 7pm

Stimmrecht gegen Unrecht (SGU) is a young, political collective that was founded given the debate about §219a StGB. Because they wanted to express their displeasure with the ban on information for abortions, they have unceremoniously transported their political discussions from the living room to the public space. Since then, the collective has organized several letter protests, formed a human chain in front of the Bundestag, and entered into dialogue with politicians, doctors, professionals and stakeholders – and a multitude of people who, just like them, seek a way out of the feeling of political helplessness.

In the course of their work, they have gained insight into the forms of protest of feminist working groups, organizations and other collectives. One thing struck them: the so-called “Pro-life Movement" and people from the right-wing milieu seemed to have found a way to efficiently connect in the struggle for similar values.

At our museum they will introduce themselves, the unjust problem of the §219a StGB and their forms of protest - and at best expand the protest in interaction with you. Find more about the evening on Facebook.

Admission free!