Kon-Formismen – The Rearrangement of Differences

Kon-Formismen – The Rearrangement of Differences
Lecture & Debate

Wednesday | February 27th, 2019 | 7pm

In debates about identity politics, individuals are assigned to a specific collective in order to gain an identity from it. It is henceforth necessary to let the respective subaltern groups stand out, but as it were subordinate the individual to the group. The ego is fully absorbed in this thinking in the We. As a result, left thinking loses its political core and takes over patterns of right thinking. As a result, social relationships tend to be called and not eroded.

How then can political thinking be recovered? How can the difference be used again to confuse and confuse identities? How can differences be thwarted in order to bring about social relationships? And how can the special, the singular of the individual become the core of political thought?

In the Museum of Capitalism, we will discuss these questions with Marcus Quent. In doing so, Quent will strengthen thinking that emphasizes the individual and the particular and thus emphasizes an emphatic concept of difference. His book has been published by Merve-Verlag.

The event is in German, the room barrier-poor. Admission free!! News also on Facebook.