Room for Rent

Room for Rent

Space for use at the Museum of Capitalism

We offer the opportunity to rent our space for artistic, political or scientific networking meetings such as seminars, workshops, lectures and discussions, as well as theater performances, readings, film screenings etc. by the day or by hour.

The room is 148sqm in size, of which about 120sqm are usable and barrier-free. It is equipped with a projector, screen, sound system and about 40+ chairs and has a small bar with cold and hot drinks.

The prices for the use of space vary depending on the project and its financial possibilities. We offer a three-level pricing model:
- free use for non-commercial (political) projects
- the normal rate
- the solidarity rate, which allows us to make the space available to other projects for free.

The usage of space at the Museum should not fail on the finances! If you are interested in the room, send us a short sketch of your project and we will contact you with a price suggestion.