Integrated Capitalism & the Molecular Revolution

Integrated Capitalism & the Molecular Revolution
Reading and discussion about the theory of Félix Guattari

Wednesday | February, 6th, 2019 | 7pm

“It [capitalism] is always capable of adding or withdrawing additional functional axioms in the event of a crisis or unforeseen difficulty. [...] This permanent deterritorialization and recomposition affects both the power formations and the modes of production "
– Félix Guattari

This is Guattari's core thesis on what integrated global capitalism constitutes. Capitalism is not primarily an economic, but rather a semiotic category.

What consequences does it have for thinking about capitalism, criticizing it, overcoming it, and reading Marx’ ‘Capital’? In the next MDK Academy meeting on February, 6th – a joint reading of Guattari's text – all questions above we want to discuss and figure out together.

We’ll start at 7pm! Join us!! News about the Academy also here on Facebook.