Critical Whiteness

Critical Whiteness

Critical Whiteness
Lecture with Dr Millay Hyatt and subsequent discussion

Wednesday | January, 23rd, 2019 | 7pm

Critical Whiteness, in Germany also known as Critical Whiteness Research, is an approach in the anti-racism movement and in the scientific discussion on racism and cultural norms. The point is to make white people aware that they are not simply "people" but white people, shifting the focus from the marginalized to those who conform to the image of normalcy, making their privileges visible and questionable the attitude of colour blindness as alleged tolerance. Why does the Critical Whiteness want to investigate something that does not exist, namely "races"? Do you fall back on categories that have long been outdated? Or is it precisely the denial of the effectiveness of these categories that continues the old hierarchies? For many white people, the question arises, how to handle everyday life with the knowledge of white privileges?

About the speaker:
Dr Millay Hyatt is a philosopher, journalist and translator. In her presentation, she discusses the controversial approach of critical whiteness. Afterwards, questions about being white in Kreuzberg will be discussed.

Moderation: Sophia Stepf

Up-to-date information also on Facebook. The event is free, donations are requested.
The event is organized by the Museum of Capitalism and Forum Kreuzberg / Feelgood-Management.