MDK Academy Special – November Revolution

Berlin under the Red Flag – A historical press workshop on the November Revolution

Wednesday | November, 21st | 7pm

100 years ago the November Revolution took place, for us a reason to study it more closely!

This month there will be a very special Academy – in fact even an Academy Special. On November 21st, at 7pm, we’ll organize a historical press workshop on the November Revolution.

The history of the November Revolution is closely linked to the creation of the newspaper "Die Rote Fahne". The newspaper was founded on November 9th, 1918 – the day on which the November Revolution broke out in Berlin – by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. Initially used as an organ of the Spartacus League, the newspaper later became the party organ of the KPD. The newspaper can be read as a timely documentation of the events of the revolution.

At the same time, the publication of the newspaper is also a political action in the revolutionary struggle. Against the background of this double meaning, this workshop, together with you we want to read excerpts from the Red Flag, discuss and situate them in the context of the revolution.

A free event, barrier-free location. More information on Facebook.