Cinema@MDK: A punk tribute to 2 June Movement

A punk tribute to 2 June Movement / Haschrebellen – beautiful bank heists and a Peter theft.
Mike Spike Froidl's "Brand New and Flammable" DIY Movie, D 2018, 65 Min.

If the state repression proved inexorable on the 2nd of June 1967 with the shooting of Benno Ohnesorg, it made a resistance necessary. The 2 June Movement decided to fight terrorist acts against the state, capital and its representatives.

The film follows the path of the 2 June Movement and resurrects it as an "anarcho-chaotic alternative to the Red Army Faction". In anarcho-punk fashion, the film drives us into the history of the resistance of the FRG, exposes the falsehood of the apparatus of power through ironic exaggeration and confronts us with the question of what resistance under today's repressive conditions might look like.

Admission free as always, donations – also for drinks – very welcome.