Issue colonialism - pitfalls and best practice of museum work

In recent years, several exhibitions dealt with the topic of the German colonial past. As for instance the Deutsches Historische Museum or the exhibition 'Zurückgeschaut' (Looked back) – dedicated to the first German colonial exhibition in 1896 in Treptower Park.

But perspective and political aspirations are often very different. How can a well-made exhibition dealing with colonial history look like? Which pitfalls are to be considered? How can museums, as bourgeois-colonial institutions, reflect themselves and find a way of dealing with their own entanglement in colonial conditions of domination and exploitation?

Guests are:
- Tahir Della (Initiative of Black People in Germany),
- Angela Martin (curator of 'Kolonialismus am Ufer'),
- Brenda Spiesbach (Kulturprojekte Berlin)

On the basis of concrete text, image and object examples, we want to pursue these questions together.

Lectures and panel discussion. Admission free!