MDK Academy #9 - Control and emancipation

Organize! That's what we say. We want that. We do that.

The leftist theory, however, missed to develop an adequate concept of organization. In the best case, it confused the notion of organization with the structure of society. So it escapes the fact that the emancipatory organization only becomes possible by limiting its reach to its members.

But this is the limitation that blocks emancipatory practices from becoming global. The mass attempts to enforce emancipatory organization socially, as reflected in the forms of state socialism, did not fail by chance, but because the organizational enforcement of emancipation must always presuppose a control regime of programs. As soon as the control regime attempts to regulate an entire society, the emancipatory organization creates hierarchies and unreflectable constraints. The emancipatory organization degenerates into a totalitarian practice and thereby becomes impossible itself.

This is not a problem for capitalist practices. They can harness the organizational effects of hierarchy and control to push for profit. However, this does not create a capitalist organized society, but a network of capitalist practices. The network emerges from the individual organizations and instigates an external constraint on profitability by confronting the organizations in relation to each other. Capitalism asserts itself globally and begins to penetrate non-capitalist organizations also.

If emancipation can not be organized globally; when capitalist practices are omnipresent as global network effects; how can emancipation be organized permanently? How then can an anti-capitalist fight look like?

With a lecture by Jan Fuhrmann, the MDK Academy will take place on the 4th of July 2018. Starts is at 8.30pm in our museum. And here's the latest info on the Academy on Facebook.