MDK Academy #10 - Culturalism

MDK Academy #10 - Culturalism

On August, 1st the MDK Academy will take place for the 10th time with a workshop on culturalism!

Since the collapse of state socialism, there has been a change of the prevailing patterns of interpretation in public and scientific debate concerning the political dynamics. The discussion about the better economic model of regulation has been replaced by new arguments. After the hypothesis of the "End of History" has proven itself to be completely unable to describe the global reality, civil wars, terrorism as well as economic and institutional crises were commonly explained by cultural discrepancies.

Samuel P. Huntington's book "The Clash of Civilizations" can be regarded as a blueprint for the culturalist narrative. Western right-wing activists and Islamists both invoke the "Clash of Civilizations" and claim extraneous cultural influence responsible for social insecurity and acceleration in their countries. What notion of "culture" forms the basis of the idea of a "Clash of Civilizations"? What does make culturalism as a pattern of explanation currently attractive? How do culturalism and antisemitism relate to one another? And above all: what should a left critique and practice in times of culturalist hegemony look like? Is it possible to maintain a notion of "culture" from a left-wing perspective?

All those questions will be discussed in the workshop. We will read excerpts from texts and listen to short inputs. Together we will look into different ways of answering these questions and develop approaches for a political strategy.

We start at 8.30pm and the Admission is free as always! And here you can find the event on Facebook.