Who we are


With different backgrounds and interests we first came as friends together. We come from different countries, speak different languages and we hope that this diversity can be found in our work and in our exhibitions, too.

As a divers group of people, we create a space, which deals with the world around us. In our exhibitions, we show the relationship between the dominant economic system and its complex subjects in a low-threshold and understandable way with the aim to make it comprehensible through an active involvement with the economy and society that shape our daily lives in such an strongly way.

Our goal is to establish an interactive and open Museum of Capitalism and through our work in the field of political education, to enable others to explore ways for social participation within the society.

A project like the Museum of Capitalism requires commitment of different kinds – theoretical thinking with regards to content, practical realisation and implementation as well as organisational work. Everybody can participate according to his_her interests.