The climate catastrophe - a catastrophe of capitalism?

The climate catastrophe - a catastrophe of capitalism?
– Movement perspectives on the relationship between environment and social organization


Friday, October, 11th 2019 | 20h

How do we understand the relationship between the capitalist economy and climate protection? Is there a way out of the climate catastrophe within capitalism? Can the struggles for a greener world be combined with struggles to revolutionize society as a whole?

Together with activists of Fridays For Future Berlin, Ende Gelände Berlin and Make Rojava Green Again , we'll discuss the relationship between climate catastrophe and social organization and the perspectives that can be gained from it for the climate justice movement. We also want to look at the example of Rojava, where self-governing structures are being built since 2012.

Admission is free! The space barierre-poor and on Facebook we keep you up to date with current information about the event.