Trapped in Capitalism – Surveilling & Excluding the Poor #2

Trapped in Capitalism – Surveilling & Excluding the Poor #2
Lecture Series

Punishment of Poverty - Substitute Liberty Penalties & Penal Procedures
with Frank Wilde and Henriette Scharnhorst

Friday | June, 9th | 7pm

Every year, more than 40,000 people in Germany are serving a prison sentence, even though they were "only" fined. Imprisonment occurs because the financial means are insufficient to pay the fine. Poverty thus leads to a punishment which can not be justified by criminal law in the form of the substitution free punishment. The criticism of this practice is old and reform proposals have long existed. Frank Wilde's contribution will briefly trace the history of this debate and then discuss proposals for current reforms.

Even in criminal proceedings, people with limited financial resources are systematically worse off. In principle, without financial means, access to justice and, in particular, the use of legal assistance is often considerably more difficult. Freedom from custodial measures, for example, is often attributable to the fact that those affected do not succeed in agreeing with the relevant public prosecutor's office on payment of instalments that they can afford. But even in penalty orders, there is a presumption that penal orders - i. Judgments without oral proceedings - increasingly to be adopted where the prosecution authorities expect fewer (legal) opposition. The input by Henriette Scharnhorst will briefly outline the experiences in the context of poverty and law enforcement in the law practice on the basis of these two examples.

// Frank Wilde:
Frank Wilde is a social worker in the free criminal and homeless assistance in Berlin with various publications on the subject of poverty and punishment.

// Henriette Scharnhorst:
Henriette Scharnhorst has been a lawyer in Berlin since 2015 in the area of ​​criminal defence, execution of sentences and penal enforcement and a member of the RAV.

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Further date:
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