Trapped in Capitalism – Surveilling & Excluding the Poor #1

Trapped in Capitalism – Surveilling & Excluding the Poor #1
Lecture Series

Monday | May, 20th | 7pm || Friday | June, 9th | 7pm || Wednesday | June, 19th | 7pm

In the lecture series “Trapped in Capitalism” by the Seminar für angewandte Unsicherheit [SaU] (Seminar for Applied Insecurity), three evenings revolve around poverty and prison in capitalism. Helga Cremet-Schäfer, sociologist and criminologist from Frankfurt / Main, and the Naturfreundejugend Berlin with their initiative Entknastung! (De-joint!) will kick off on Monday, May 20th at 7pm.

You can find detailed information about the individual lectures, referees and the program directly here at SaU’s website. And our latest news on the lecture series on Facebook.

But first, we look forward to the following lectures:

// Helga Cremer-Schäfer:
Neo-liberal mode of production and populism as a dominant political form makes sure that security policy and especially criminal discourses increasingly materialize: the in- and out-captivation in prisons and other closed institutions is considered to be a matter of course and more uncontrolled than ever. As the exclusion and captivation of outsiders, the poor and strangers "without guilt feeling" with neoliberal "work ethic" and politics form connects and through a culture of punitivity (and ideology), Helga Cremer-Schäfer describes in her lecture.

// Entknastung! (De-joint) by Naturfreundejugend Berlin:
Poverty exacerbates penalties, that is, who is poor, rather ends up in the prison as a wealthy person. Many people think of this statement probably first of all, that more available money makes legal defence possible. For example, driving is without a ticket is pandered by poverty and can be – compared to other minor offences such as wrong parking – punished harder; namely with a prison sentence. In the lecture will be traced by the concept of delinquency, why certain groups are structurally disadvantaged by the legal system and why despite the obvious injustice so far nothing about the condition has ever changed.

Further dates:
Friday| June, 7th: Punishment of Poverty - Substitute Freedom Fines with Frank Wilde and Henriette Scharnhorstt
Wednesday| June, 9th: What to do? Organizing against exploitation with the Soligruppe Berlin of
Gefangenen Gewerkschaft / Bundesweite Organisation - GG/BO