MDK Academy #16 – Counterculture - Lifestyle - Revolution

Counterculture - Lifestyle - Revolution

Wednesday, May 8th. | 7pm

When the first images of the Earth were released from outer space, the image of the blue marble was created. Not only did it form an understanding of a global ecosphere, the interdependence of all world regions among each other and humanity as a community, it also served to produce alternative ways of life of a counterculture. The Counterculture was diverse, it was sometimes formed as an environmental movement, sometimes as Do-It-Yourself practices of a Whole Earth Catalog, sometimes in fair trade, sometimes in the open-source movement. Despite its diversity, it united a radical critique of Fordist production regimes, which led to seeing a future of humanity and the blue marble only outside, never within, capitalism.

However, the paradigms of counterculture have been integrated into capitalist calculi in the form of consumable lifestyles. Because the implementation of the Counterculture was not formatted in a revolutionary way but relied on an organization. It found itself in a nice shop collective, in the solitary production community etc. But through the organization, the counterculture became capitalistically integrable. The anti-capitalist potential of the counterculture was completely lost.

The lecture will analyze the capitalist integration of the counterculture from the perspective of a post fundamental system theory in order to derive perspectives for a possible anti-capitalist revolution from the analysis.

The lecture is in German, the room barrier-poor. Admission is free. For more recent information visit us on Facebook.