The big Kladderadatsch – Long live the Revolution!

The big Kladderadatsch – Long live the Revolution!

Wednesday | April 17th | 7pm

The Homeless Theater, founded at the Volksbühne, will visit us on April 17th. The group has adapted the piece "The big Kladderadatsch! Long live the revolution! and presents it at the museum. Start 7pm.

About the play, the group thinks as followed:
The basis for the piece is Daniel Anderson's "Long Live the Revolution!" (1988), a memorial program dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the 1918/19 revolution. An occasion for us to rethink the play and the revolution.

For us, the historical events of this gigantic social upheaval, inseparably connected with the end of the First World War, are extremely interesting. As they created the conditions and foundations for political developments until today. A decisive result is the parliamentary democracy under social-democratic leadership - the reformist wing of the SPD had prevailed. A radical change - socialism in the form of a Soviet Republic has failed.

We are the heirs of this betrayed revolution. What do we do with the inheritance? We want to raise the understanding that REVOLUTION is not an abstract entity. Our goal is a "living history lesson". We want to activate, to incite to political interest and to stimulate a progressive handling of history.

More about the RATTEN 07:
The Homeless Theater, which has been originated at the Volksbühne in 1992, has staged more than 50 productions, is known far beyond the borders of Berlin and can look back on Europe-wide guest performances and festivals. Find more also on their Website.

Performance in German, admission free, barrier-poor location. More information and updates also on Facebook.