Cinema@MDK: Luther fuck off!

Cinema@MDK: Luther fuck off!

500 and 1 years after the Reformation, the Reformation Day - on October 31 - in Berlin is at least not a holiday. Too late on time, we dedicate an extraordinary evening to the splitter and the questionable historical figure. Hallelujah, that will be fun..!

"Anyone who always had problems with the anti-Semitic and misogynist Luther and other hypocrites will be informed here cheaply." – Mike Spike Froidl (ex-APPD Foreign Minister, known from films like ‘Nie wieder Arbeit’, ‘Chaostage’, ‘A Punk Tribute to Movement June 2’)

About the Movie:
"Luther fuck off"
D 2017, 65min, R .: Mike Spike Froidl

This film deals with Luther's dark sides, which are mostly omitted, only hinted at or downplayed.

Formally, this film is also a novelty: There are two films: one from the point of view of a socialist GDR production and a Hollywood action version, which complement each other to a whole. In this furious film, not only the history but also the consequences of Luther's writings and statements are presented down to the most recent present. A ministry that continues beyond the Thirty Year’s War over the Third Reich to today's capitalism.

Join us on Thursday, November 1st, at 8.30pm. Find the event with all up-to-date information on Facebook.
Free event!