MDK Academy #11 – Original accumulation in permanence?

Original accumulation in permanence? Rosa Luxemburg's “Accumulation of Capital“
Lecture & Discussion

Wednesday | September, 5th 2018 | 8.30pm

"Capitalism needs for its existence and development of non-capitalist forms of production as its environment. It needs non-capitalist social strata as a market for its added value, as a source of supply for its means of production, and as a reservoir of labour for its wage system," wrote Rosa Luxemburg in 1913 in “The Accumulation of Capital”. In the need for a non-capitalist exterior that capitalism increasingly assimilates, she saw a compelling cause for colonialism and imperialism.

We want to take a closer look at Luxembourg's theory of accumulation and the connection between capitalism and colonialism and ask how with Luxemburg even more recent transformations of the capitalist system can be understood better.

Lecture and discussion. Admission free!

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